Amus Chalets

Pure authenticity

The pleasure of breakfast

Territoriality in the true sense of the word, at Km20. Everything on your plate is the result of careful selection and care, from morning to night. Your breakfast trolley reserves you the full flavour of eggs from the Eggerhof farm, the fragrance of freshly baked bread from the village bakery, local and seasonal fresh fruit (no mango and passion fruit, then), local fish (we prefer salmon trout to salmon, do you agree?), coffee roasted in South Tyrol, herbal teas and South Tyrolean juices. And then, sweet delicacies prepared daily by our cook with lots of love.

Your breakfast with homemade specialities and South Tyrolean quality products is delivered daily to your chalet and awaits you in the anteroom. Whenever you want, you can cook for yourself. The beautifully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare your own coffee, as well as scrambled eggs, omelettes, and more. Would you like to be pampered all the way? Our cook will be happy to set to the cooker for you and serve you what you want directly in the chalet!
The pleasure of breakfast
You don't have to be a chalet guest to enjoy the excellence of our cuisine. Our Nest, with its intimate and cosy stube and huge windows with spectacular views, is the ideal location for gathering with friends and family, even better if your group is large.
In an atmosphere of precious lightness and tranquillity, you enjoy your carefree moment laughing, chatting, joking and savouring exquisite delicacies prepared for the occasion.
When would you like to treat yourself to this triumph of merriment and good taste? How many of you will be there? Just call us and book your tables, we will take care of the rest with pleasure!

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