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On holiday in the land of wine par excellence in South Tyrol. This is not the promise of a sublime experience dedicated only to professional sommeliers or hobbyists, but a special offer for all those who wish to experience wine in a new way. Our wine cellar houses exclusive labels and the most appreciated classic wines. Choose the bottle that inspires you most. Our experienced team is at your side during your wine holiday and will help you choose the right one for every occasion.
Wine tastings
Join us for pleasant wine tastings. These are moments of cheerful conviviality during which you will taste together with us fine wines accompanied by South Tyrolean quality gastronomic products. Cheese, speck, crispy bread and traditional specialities, such as the dumplings trio, will provide the soundtrack to the tasting of wines preferably from South Tyrol, but also from other Italian regions. A special experience designed according to your preferences. Let's toast together!
Special occasions
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