Amus Chalets

Tibi curae, ut luceat_
Take care to shine

Because to shine is to glow with a special light

Ideal for a pampering holiday in South Tyrol: Nature embraces you and allows you to breathe deeply. In the hot pot under the starry sky, in the pampering niche sipping fragrant tea and admiring the view of the mountains, walking freely or enjoying exciting hikes. Here with us, taking care of oneself is a natural and spontaneous consequence.
Coming soon from June
360° Montium Pool
The virtues of this primordial stone at your service. It promotes psychophysical well-being, has energising and purifying properties, and facilitates the body's self-healing. Precious in cases of muscle and joint tension, but also useful for preventing burnout.
Your personalised well-being concept
Treat yourself to personal or rehabilitation training, nutritional counselling, exercises to strengthen muscles, improve sleep quality, reactivate your energy and much more. Because feeling good is fundamental!
Your time, your stillness
The tranquillity and intimacy of your chalet is perfect for a period of rehabilitation (after surgery, for example), to enjoy the peace and atmosphere of total privacy and relaxation... and our pampering!