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Discovery tours

The most beautiful excursions

Crystal clear lakes surrounded by mountain peakswith fascinating contours, all embraced by unspoilt nature. The most popular excursions in South Tyrol are located in the vicinity of your holiday chalet in in the Dolomites. And they are the icing on the cake of your holiday.

Winter of pure enjoyment
Antholz is the cross-country skiing centre par excellence in South Tyrol. But it is also much more! This is also the realm of those who love skiing and snow hiking.
The holiday, whenever I feel like it
Strolling over flowering meadows, conquering fascinating peaks in pleasant temperatures, admiring the magnificent play of colours in autumn, getting lost in enchanting snow-covered landscapes. In Antholz, every season has its own unique charm.
For globetrotters
A journey of discovery through Europe is amazing, exciting and rich in variety, but also exhausting. It is time for a regenerating stop in the heart of nature in Antholz, South Tyrol.
City vibrancy and Alpine charm
The towns and villages around Antholz exude an enveloping Alpine charm and lend themselves wonderfully to the discovery of the customs and traditions of our land. And do not miss the choice of scheduled events!