Amus Chalets

Respect for surroundings

Part of the village, away from the village

Traditional Alpine architecture combined with great respect for nature and its primordial power: The Amus Chalets meet the spirit of the times in their architecture. What was particularly relevant for the design of the chalets in Antholz was and is what surrounds them: The chalets had to appear as an integral part of the village, but also be sufficiently secluded, so that you can now enjoy your private moments of tranquillity.
Aquilae nido _ Independent as an eagle
Spread your wings
Did you know that in the immediate vicinity of the Amus Chalets an eagle hides its favourite nesting place? Sometimes, you can see it as it soars proudly through the blue sky. This connection to nature is also reflected in the architecture: Embedded in the slope, the Amus Chalets are so integrated in the landscape that they are almost invisible. The perfect place to lose yourself in your thoughts.