Amus Chalets

Corpore et anima_
Body and soul

Your special experience in luxury chalets in the mountains

Amus Chalets is our home, and it will become yours too! And when you decide to leave your private nest, you can count on your host and his staff and on delightful evenings in happy company, hikes, beer and wine tastings and many other events. To experience feelings of precious bliss away from home.

More about your host
Different from others
Sun and stars
With us, you will not be in the heart of nature, you will be part of it! Our chalets are designed so that you can concentrate on yourself, wrapped in a soft, warm blanket admiring the starry sky, or relaxing intensively in the hot pot.
Flavours of the neighbourhood
It doesn't get more local than this: our '20 km radius' concept promises local flavours and specialities from very close by.
A treasure chest: the wine cellar
The excellence of food must be combined with the preciousness of good wine. And South Tyrol’s land of exquisite flavours has plenty to offer. Our wine cellar promises a rich selection of special wine treasures and particularly popular classics. Enjoy wonderful wine tastings. In the wine cellar, or privately in your chalet!
This is your time
Wedding proposals, weddings, corporate events, team building: At Amus Chalets you can make any event truly unique.
Happy and delighted
Do you need a hiking guide or a massage in your chalet? Our precious concierge service reads the wishes in your eyes and turns them into reality.