Amus Chalets


A great passion

The Amus Chalets Dolomites are your own little realm in which you can retreat completely and rediscover yourself. So that you feel at home. This is the immediate feeling you get as soon as you cross the threshold. And this is the philosophy of Uli and his staff that they delicately let each of you feel every day, each in their own way. The relationship of complicity and sharing that exists between them emanates everywhere. This harmony is transmitted everywhere by nature. At the bar, in the lounge, as you pass each other by chance or not. It is a passion, for the art of hospitality in its purest, kindest, most authentic form.
Your host Uli
Ex Animo_ From the heart
Feeling at home is feeling like family
This is the project of life and heart. And you can see it in every corner because everything speaks of him. The simplicity, the love for the natural materials of his land, the discretion and friendliness. His paradise finally realised, the dimension of the secret of life at the service of guests. It is like climbing to the summit, to find yourself and regain your balance. Chatting in Uli's company over a fine wine, walking with him to discover his favourite places, letting him advise you... it is a joy that warms the heart!
The staff
Unicus_ Unreplaceable
Unique people behind success
Behind people like Uli there could only be great people. Loyal and competent employees, who do their utmost every day so that you, the guests, feel pampered and spoiled as you deserve. To ensure that your chalet always lives up to your expectations, that your every wish is fulfilled in no time at all, that every gastronomic treat is one delight for your palate after another. You will notice immediately: Everything here is done with love and passion, because there is nothing more satisfying than the delighted look on the faces of happy guests!